Hook & Jill: Neverland as never before - Andrea Jones

The Virgin of the Sun
by H. Rider Haggard

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Lyrical Darkness

11 dark fiction stories inspired by the music that rocks your soul

Published: 2015
Binding: Paperback
Size: 272 pages, 6 x 9"
Paperback $9.99
Kindle $2.99

Discover stories inspired by some of the greatest songs of all time. Dark fiction that will keep you turning the pages as you read tales influenced by songs like Smooth Criminal, Satisfaction, Angie Baby, She Loves You, Maggie Mae, The Hotel California and more.

Slip into shady stories inspired by dark lyrics, telling the tales hidden behind popular melodies that are familiar to us all.

Ten different authors, including Hook & Jill Saga author Andrea Jones, bring you their literary visions provoked by their favorite song lyrics to create a chilling read you will not soon forget.


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