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Reginetta Press LLC is an independent publisher founded on the love of literature.
We are grounded in the principle that quality literature should be published and made available to the reading public.

Reginetta's mission is to produce stories we should tell, rather than stories
that should "sell." We strive to make talented authors known.

Our only requirement is excellence.


Submission Guidelines

We publish fiction and literary fiction. No poetry, or genre fiction such as thriller, romance, or science fiction.

Brief query letters for literary fiction only may be submitted to
Do not attach manuscripts or excerpts. Include the first page of the manuscript
on the query letter.


The Reginetta Press Classics Restoration Program

Revisit classic books in their original, unaltered texts.

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The Hook & Jill Saga

Enter the Hook & Jill Saga, by Andrea Jones.

And welcome back to Neverland.


Reginetta's Offerings for All Ages

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